Sunday, November 08, 2015

The State of our Enemies & Allies & Technocracy

This Week's Show: Top News of the Week and the 2016 Election then, as the Middle East continues to rage with horrific acts of terror, Pres. Obama is not only signing away our security by refusing to fund our nation's defense, but has flip-flopped on his promise for 'no more boots on the ground,' by sending Special Forces into Syria. In the meantime, since Iran has refused to sign his nuclear deal, he will have no choice but to re-open negotiations with them. We'll talk about the state of our enemies and allies. Guests include former Israeli Mayor, David Rubin, and Co-Host of Zola Levitt TV, Myles Weiss. Then a look at where technology is taking us in our military and science labs, with Guests Tom and Anita Horn, authors of "Forbidden Gates." Sobering and chilling in.
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