Friday, March 09, 2018

ALERT: re - This Mom Found Much “Worse Than Porn”

Parents check all the apps your kids are using!

Jenny Rapson of For Every Mom posted -- "Her daughter wanted to get the app. When this mom checked into it, she was beyond horrified by what she found.

-She found live stream porn on
-She found people self-harming on
-She found children as young as eight sexually objectifying themselves on

"Months ago I reported the dangers of the app (Musically app, get it?) to my readers here. The app, while supposedly just to make fun lip dubs, has many dangerous features such as anonymity and chat with strangers. Predators love it, because parents think it’s fun and safe. Sadly, it’s not: not even close, and should not be used by children. Why? Well, LIVE STREAMING for one. On, you can live stream yourself in any state of undress, and people do. Home made porn abounds.
"But one mom, Anastasia Basil, recently found what she says is “worse than porn” on, and she wrote a now-viral article on Medium to warn parents about it. Basil was on because her daughter was begging to be allowed to use the app, so Basil went to investigate (KUDOS to you, Mama. I wish more parents would take a page from your book. Or one of the many articles I’ve written urging them to do just that!)"

Read the rest here.

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