Friday, April 14, 2006

PETA - is Nothing Sacred to Them?

When PETA compared the slaughtering of pigs for human consumption to the holocaust of the Jews in an ad a couple of years back, I thought that was about as low as you could go.

But this weekend they did it again, dressed as Jesus Christ, covered with blood, carrying crosses, with full head masks of animals, PETA activists protested in Vienna to the outrage of many there.

This wasn't the first time. Easter-time 2004 they had what they called "faith-based" billboard ads which said, "He died for your sins," speaking of the huge pig in the ad picture.

Bruce Friedrich, speaking for PETA in the U.S said, "Words and images aren't offensive to God. What is offensive to God is the satanic treatment of God's creatures by factory farms and slaughterhouses."

They are willing to violate every sense of decent respect or reverence for a shock effect. Nothing seems sacred to them...except animals. And even then that is questionable. Remember last year when it was discovered that PETA workers were dumping lost dogs in dumpsters. The Center for Consumer Freedom bought ads that read, "PETA kills animals". They accused the nonprofit of deceptive money-grabbing while actually killing over a thousand animals every year.

And it's the same people who support radical animals rights activism like this that oppose rights for innocent, unborn humans. This is what thinking gone bad, no mad, no...dark looks like.

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