Friday, June 23, 2006

Exclusive Film Footage on Terrorism in America

This week as more terrorist leaders are killed and weapons of mass destruction are found in Iraq, three x-terrorists, including Walid Shoebat, who has been on the show several times, Ibrahim Abdallah and Zachariah Anani, presented exclusive film footage (by The Investigative Project), of well known terrorists and their indoctrination activities in
A few of the prominent terrorists featured in the film are:

Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi: A leading figure in the Muslim Brotherhood, who issues fatwas supporting suicide bombing. According to Azzam Tamimi of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London: "If Sheik Qaradawi gives a fatwa, that fatwa will be heeded tomorrow in hundreds of places around the world.”

Sheikh Muhammad Sayyam: On March 26, 2006, Muhammad Sayyam, a senior Hamas figure, met with Sayyid Salah al-Din, leader of the Kashmiri terror organization, Hezb ul-Mujahidin, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Hezb ul-Mujahidin functioned as an al-Qaeda affiliate and had training camps in Afghanistan until the Taliban's fall from power. Sayyam now heads the Yemeni branch of the Palestine Scholars Association, which advocates uncompromising jihad against unbelievers and legally sanctioned suicide bombings against civilians. He sees the role of Muslim religious sages as spiritual guides whose task is to motivate the masses to struggle against Islam's enemies and attack them with suicide bombings.

Fayez Azzam: One of the right hand men to bin Laden and the younger brother of Abdullah Azzam, bin Laden’s mentor. "Allah's religion be praised must offer martyrs. Blood must flow. There must be widows and there must be orphans. Hands and limbs must be cut and the limbs and flood must be spread everywhere in order that Allah's religion stand on its feet," Fayez Azzam said.

Major Media outlets which covered the event:

Fox News Philly
CBS TV Inside Edition (National)
National Public Radio
The Associated Press TV
Reuters News service
Voice of America
World Net Daily
1210 Big Talker largest Philly Radio station
XM Satelite National talk show.

See 3 ex-terrorist video HERE.
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