Friday, June 23, 2006

WOMANTalk Friday: Polygamy 2

Most people aren't aware that according to the Koran, polygamy is allowed in Islam. Muslims may disagree on how to interpret it and what rules to apply, but let's not forget their modern day harams fit well in a male-dominate society.

On today's show we concluded our 2-part Special on Polygamy's Victims . Andrea Moore Emmett talked about some of the 18 women she interviewed and wrote about in her book, God's Brothel. Striking and heart-wrenching! I encourage you to listen to today's and last Friday's show.

Help for victims of polygamy from Tapestry Against Polygamy
Polygamy Background Information
Islam & Polygamy

Hear the show (See 6/23 WOMANTalk)


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