Sunday, July 16, 2006

Newt Gingrich: This is WWIII

Former U.S. House speaker, the Seattle Times and also NBC's Meet the Press as reported by WorldNetDaily:

"We're in the early stages of what I would describe as the Third World War and, frankly, our bureaucracy's not responding fast enough and we don't have the right attitude. And this is the 58th year of the war to destroy Israel and, frankly, the Israelis have every right to insist that every single missile leave south Lebanon, and the United States ought to be helping the Lebanese government have the strength to eliminate Hezbollah as a military force – not as a political force in the parliament – but as a military force in south Lebanon."

NBC host Tim Russert asked him, "This is World War III?"

Gingrich replied: "I believe if you take all the countries I just listed that you've been covering, put them on a map, look at all the different connectivity, you have to say to yourself: this is, in fact, World War III."

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