Tuesday, August 08, 2006

HOT OFF TUESDAY LIVE! Is your backyard next?

General Plans that restrict property owners' use of their land if it has a stream running through it have local residents in an uproar!

In Sonoma County, California the City of Santa Rosa's new General Plan (GP2020) dictates that if a stream of any kind is on your property, even if small and drys up in the summer, you are restricted from using 100 ft on either side of the stream for any purpose. If you have a fence it must be open 18 inches from the ground up so natural critters can get through. If you want to sell your house the stream and the 100 ft on both sides for as long as the stream goes cannot be included in the sale.

Imagine this! And other ridiculous 'environmentally friendly' restrictions lie: if you have a motion light detector, you can't use it because it prevents people from enjoying the stars at night. This is only a taste of what is going on.

Citizens are in not putting up with it. Over 600 attended the planning meetings. Law suits have been threatened. One vineyard owner stands to lose over 8,000 acres!

A Sierra Club representative said she didn't understand why everyone was so upset, "This land is your land, this land is my land. No one can own mother earth. It belongs to all of us."

Too much to write about, but you can hear all about it online, which I highly recommend you listen to, because you need to know, as our guest, who has 8 acres and will lose use of 3-4 acres if it passes in her city, outlines - don't think that it won't come to your city. It may already be in the works. We will keep our eye on this violation of several constitutional rights.

Hear the show (See 8/7/06)


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