Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Christians Respond to Foley-gate - Culture & Republican Leadership to Blame

As reports, Christians are varied in their responses so far to the Foley scandal. While in agreement on the reprehensible behavior of the now former House Representative, the blame emphasis covers various corners. For instance:

"The least political of these groups, James Dobson's Focus on the Family, did not take shots at Republican leaders. Its newly created separate lobbying group, Focus on the Family Action, said in a statement that the revulsion from Americans shows that society recognizes "limits to tolerance of our culture's anything-goes view of sexuality." Tom Minnery, the group's senior vice president of government and public policy, used the statement to add that the lurid episode might discredit "the politically correct notion fed to us by those on the left that obscenity is just another form of free speech."

But the Family Research Council, led by Tony Perkins, a frequent guest on television talk shows, went straight at the Republican Party, declaring in a message to supporters that the House leadership could suffer the same disgrace that Catholic leaders did in the priest scandal. "They discounted or downplayed earlier reports concerning Foley's behavior, probably because they did not want to appear 'homophobic,'" Perkins said. "The Foley scandal shows what happens when political correctness is put ahead of protecting children." So no one could miss the message, the headline was: "Pro-Homosexual Political Correctness Sowed Seeds for Foley Scandal."

Will this scandal cause the GOP to lose their lead? Or will it make the American people all the more cynical towards politicians?

What do you think?

Foley's lawyer, David Roth, said the disgraced former congressman is "not a pedophile." and that Foley "never, ever had inappropriate sexual contact with a minor." Foley checked himself into a treatment center Sunday night and described Foley as "emotionally devastated."

BTW, alcohol abuse is no excuse for Foley's behavior. Let' hope Foley-gate doesn't go down the 'disease' trail here.


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