Wednesday, October 04, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! How to Save Your Kids from Online Predators

Valuable information shared on today's show by Stacy Harp, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, on what parents can do to protect their kids from online predators...everyting from recommended sites to text 'language' parents need to know.

As we are learning, the profile of men who prey on little children and teens is not always obvious. Here's the profile of an online predator Stacy found in her research.

Between 26 and 35 years old
Predators are getting younger
And they see kids as a commodity - in other words, as a way to make money :)
99% are male

Not only are predators preying online, but hosting blogs and the like. This is the fight Stacy fought, when she discovered Google's Blogger hosted a pedophilia site, unknowingly, yet has failed so far to do anything about it.

Tune in to hear more on resources and about her story at today's broadcast archive link below.


Therapist's Efforts to Stop online Predator Site

Michelle Malkin's Hot Air Helps Expose Stacy's story

Resources to protect children from predators

FBI - Crimes Against Children

Missing Children - Tipline

Hear the show (See 10/4/06)


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