Thursday, October 12, 2006

Here's what Columbia U prevented crowd from hearing at Walid Shoebat event

Hilmar vonCampe, Walid Shoebat and Zachariah Anani

Columbia University may have cut Guest List from 115 to 20, but thanks to Atlus Shrugs and NYC Right here are video and summary of the speeches last night by our friends Walid Shoebat and Hilmar vonCampe.

Click on pictures to view 3 video segments:

Speakout event From hate to love

7:53 Chaplain Davis starts the event by noting the importance of free speech and civil discourse at the university.

7:57 Columbia University College Republican’s President Chris Kulawik starts by thanking those

Mentioned 120 people who had rsvped, but could not attend after the university limited the event to students, press, and the entourage of the speakers.

8:00 Zachariah Anani starts with family history and personal history and speaks of indoctrination in school. He had his first kill early at 15. However, he became disenchanted and came to believe that he would not reach 18

At 17, he became a Baptist. Zacharias was tried and condemned to death for apostasy.

Thereafter, he had 7 attempts on his life, one of which was ordered by his family. Moved to Christian half of Beirut and lived there until 1993. After christian militias lost the civil war, there was another attempt, during which he and his daughter were injured. He then fled to Canada.

Anani finished be speaking to western ignorance of Islam.

At 8:09 Hilmar von Campe starts. Adressing the events at Columbia last weekk, von Campe compares thugs from last week to the SA Brownshirts.

Von Campe talks about the socialist nature of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

He compares National Socialism to international communism

Von Campe claims that most Germans did not know about the Holocaust, but all knew of the hatred and official discrimination, which allowed it. Individuals opposed the discrimination. Churches did almost nothing. Von Campe finishes by noting communist involvement with PLO. Romanian intelligence and communist services fomented Islamic hatred of the west.

8:35 walid Shoebat begins He condemns the decision which left so many who had reservations to be left outside .

He starts by talking of his maternal grandfather, a former mayor of Erueka, CA. Shoebat then talks of his grandfather’s friend the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al Huseyni.

Shoebat talks of Palestiianist lies of the bible taught to him even in Lutheran grammar school

Shoebat then went to Muslim school and was indoctrinated in Islamic hatred of Jews. Taught Muslim Eshcatologic view that return of jews would lead to death of all jewish men and enslavement of the rest. Shoebat speaks of hatred taught in Egyptian academies. Speaks of how Palestinians and Muslims hate Jews and Christians for helping them, so foreign aid woll not help.

Americans are clueless as to the depths of Muslim hatred.

Shoebat spoke of aiding terrorism in the US as an interpreter for American Arab groups at colleges. Spoke of Islamist networks in the US, which are supported by too many Muslims.

Compared PC leftist mantras to those of Islamists.

Shoebat condemns Princeton for not letting him speak and Columbia for keeping out guests

Shoebat attacks professors for lying for islamists. He declared that "before we fight terrorist without, we must fight terrorists within ". Shoebat names Rashid Khalidi, Anders Strinberg, and others at Columbia.

8:57 Q and A begins

Q: What is to be learned from islam

Shoebat: Americans are falsely taught that islam was hijacked.

Spoke of genocidal hatred of Jews and jihad under Mohammed and the first caliphs.

IHe concludes that slam must be freed of jihad

Q European moderates question whether Islam is compatible with modernity

Shoebat: Moderates are unable to deal with Islamic Hadiths which call for jihad.

Only liberal Muslims are compatible as they can transcend this aspect of Islam.

Q. What of moderate Europeans who have begun to speak out

Zachariah Anani: They underestimate the problem, continuously giving way for co-existance.

Q. You speak of hate to love, but speeches hate muslims (aplause)

Shoebat responded by noting Christian anti-Semitism, in particular the writings of Martin Luther.

He then spoke Christian growth. Said that Islam must face shame to grow.

Q. What of cartoons of Mohammed and the response.

A.. Shoebat: We must face intellectual confrontation, not such simplifications.

Q. Role of clan in palestinian society.

Shoebat: Chieftains could work with Israelis. For this they were executed by Islamists and Palestinian nationalists.

Anani: Families install Muslim laws and threaten death to heretics.

Q. Did you say that Muslims should convert?

Shoebat: They should have the right to do so without threats.

Q. Where do we go from here?

Shoebat: I cannot teach tolerance under Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.

Things were better under the Israelis, but Muslims demand power.

Muslims should be allowed to debate internally. Sadly loyalty trumps truth.

I must fight Arabism and Islamist to be an American.

Q. Sayid Qutb said that America will be the easiest to Islamicize.

How fast is Islamicization occurring?

A. Walid: Muslim Brotherhood is quite active in the US.

Q. Bush used the term crusaders and is hated. Bush said Islamo-fascists and was condemned.

Zacharias Anani: Islamic fanaticism comes from Muslim past.

Good Muslims are or support terrorism. Ignorant Muslims are, fortunately, the majority.

Q. What of “Taqqiyah”

Shoebat: Lies create concessions. “Hudnas” are temporary cease fires and exist only as long as Muslims are weak.

The Oslo Hudna will bring no peace.

To many liberal American Jews fight me so that they may remain ignorant.

Concessions only embolden Muslims and encourage violence

Q. You expressed admiration for Martin Luther King, but what of Malcolm X's use of Islam for justice. America is a society of hatred. All religions create hatred. Look at Baruch Goldstien.

A. America has problems but America condemns its evils. This does not occur in Muslim societies.

When Baruch Goldstien killed worshupers, isrealis condemned it.

Muslims celebrate violence and torture dissidents to death and carry around their dismembered bodies.

After the PLO came to power, Muslms killed each other in greater numbers.

Anani: You think american streets are violent, but look at Beirut for 30 years. Despite endemic domestic violence Muslims blame israel and the West.

Q. What did u tell your wife when she worried about you coming to columbia.

Von Campe: I dealt with stormtroopers before.

Q. What os the source of quotes on Roman general’s support for Islamists

Von Campe: The Internet, Wal Street Journal, and the book "Red Horizons"

Q. How do we convince people that iIlamist violence is not fault of the west

Shoebat: American professors use same language as Islamists do to indoctrinate.

Muslims suffer from projection propoganda. There claim about Zionists, Israel and the West exist, in part, because these are faults of Muslim societies.

There is a cult of victim hood used by Muslims, Nazis, and leftists in the us at columbia and Princeton.

Q. I am an ignorant Muslim who condemned 911. Why are you as an ex terrorist here and not in jail

Shoebat: I used liberal loopholes

Q. Every monotheist religion has a bad time. Can Islam change?

Shoebat: If a religious issue has been addressed before, then it cannot be addressed again liberally. Moderate Muslims cannot accept some unfortunate aspects of Islam.

Liberal muslims are fooling themselves but are well meaning.

All fundamentalists are not equal. I, as, a Christian fundamentalists give you a headache. Muslim fundamentalists will kill you. In America we separate church and state. Muslims make no difference between the two.

Anani : Muslims are required to conquer the world.

Von Campe. Most Americans are confused. Religion is not manmade and cannot be compared.

God made us. Commandments are made for all humanity.

America’s mission is freedom. But freedom can only exist with truth and religion.

Muslims must do what Germany did after ww2; they must compare themselves to truth.


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