Monday, October 23, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Islammunism

No. Korea blasted UN sanctions as ‘an act of war’, then ‘apologized’ for its nuclear missile test. Says it ‘wants peace but is not afraid of war’ and would ‘deal merciless blows’ against anyone who violates its sovereignty. What & who are we to believe? Are we safe from a nuclear attack? Avid military historian, my guest on the show today, Resu LaRu Kirkland, also talked about a growing ‘Islammunism.’ Very informative program, I recommend you give a listen to online.

Nothing new, really...facism and socialism (far right and far left) joining ranks. Hitler and Stalin did it. Others have done it. The key to such a union: a common enemy. Today No. Korea & Iran; Venezuela and Iran...communism and Islam. The common enemy: the United States and Israel.

Take a good look at my Pic of the week...partnerships and agendas of hatred against us. And they mean it. Are we getting it? They mean our destruction.

Hear the show (See 10/23/06)


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