Sunday, October 22, 2006

GOOD NEWS: Newborns tossed into the ‘baby bin’

AssistNewsService reported:

That for hundreds of abandoned babies in Africa a 'baby bin'is a door of hope.
A Door of Hope hole in the wall of the Berea Baptist Mission Church in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, has been open since 1999 to newborns 24 hours a day, accepting hundreds of babies. In the Johannesburg area alone 40-50 babies are abandoned every month and left to die of starvation or exposure.

But not all the babies come through the hole in the wall“baby bin”. Sometimes police bring them, desperate mothers hand over their babies personally or hospitals phone to ask the mission to pick up little ones whose mothers have disappeared after the delivery.

The situation for many are very rough. Johannesburg is known for its crime, poverty and Aids problems. Cherrie-Anne Rye, of Auckland, New Zealnd has come to work at the Door of Hope and lives behind “rape gates” and barred windows. “People here live in fear,” she says. “When we drive we know we are taking a risk and much of our time is spent following the best ways to keep ourselves safe."

What sacrifice. What GOOD NEWS for this next generation in Africa.


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