Friday, October 20, 2006

WOMANTALK FRIDAY: If you love your country - Register to Vote!

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And if you love your country please make sure you are registered to vote on Nov. 7th.

This Tuesday, October 23rd, is the Deadline to Register to Vote for November’s election

We all watched as voters in Afghanistan and Iraq voted in their first democratic elections at great risk to their own lives. Shouldn’t we value our elections at least as much?

If you think your one vote doesn't matter, think again. The fate of nations and the world has often been decided by ONE vote.

In 1960 John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon by 113,000 votes - 1/2 vote per precinct!

In 1990 former California Attorney General Dan Lungren defeated his opponent by a razor thin margin of one vote per precinct!

In 1982 former California Governor George Deukmejian was elected by a margin of less than one percent of the votes cast!

When do you need to Re-Register to Vote?
You move
You change your name
You change your political party affiliation


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