Tuesday, October 03, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! RFID Tags - Implantable Microchips

Fred Stakelbeck, an expert on RFID tags and Sr. Fellow at Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy, talked with me on the show Monday about:

-RFID tags (microchips) can be manufactured so tiny as to be invisible, thus they can be embedded into virtually any product, item, or even into the human physiology

-RFID chips can also be surgically implanted into the anatomy as is becoming common practice in Latin America where RFID chips are promoted as a security against kidnapping

-Harvard PhD candidate, Katherine Albrecht, in Computer Power User (CPU) Magazine this month, said Microsoft and Intel are spending hundreds of millions into RFID R&D, and that one of the biggest putting dollars in RFID development is the pharmaceutical industry.

-"RFID passports will do little to keep us safer," co-author of "SpyChips" Albrecht said. "On the contrary, by requiring us to carry RFID tags in our travel documents, the government is jeopardizing our personal information while doing little to slow down the bad guys." She says the new passports are vulnerable to hacking and cloning by criminals, and that at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas recently, it was demonstrated how easily a criminal or terrorist could clone RFID tags like those in U.S. passports...for the obvious purpose.

Talked about much more. You can hear it online at the link below.

Hear the show (See 10/2/06)


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