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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
For more information See:special correspondents for Changing Worldviews, Walid Shoebat and Hilmar von Campe.

Internationally known, Walid Shoebat, is a former PLO terrorist who spent much of his life participating in acts of violence and spreading a message of hatred. He is now spreading a message of peace and freedom worldwide. Shoebat is the author of the best selling book, Why I Left Jihad.

Hilmar von Campe is a former Hitler youth and German soldier. He describes his life as an active participant in the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century and says the world faces the same challenges today as it did in the 1930's. Author of five books, von Campe has recently published How Was it Possible? an autobiography.

Zachariah Anani was a teenage militia fighter in Lebanon. At 13, he joined one of the many military groups that existed in the early 70's. Soon after enlisting, he made his first "kill." By the time he turned 16, "life meant nothing," Anani says.

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