Thursday, November 16, 2006

California Refuses to Protect its Daughters

Click on picture to view video about Diana Lopez, a desperate mother trying to see her daughter at Planned Parenthood facility - something Prop 85 would have prevented.

It was a tight race for Proposition 85, California’s parental notification for abortion initiative, but California’s voters failed to pass it on election night. This is the second time California has rejected the very common sense security of parents being notified before their minor daughter undergoes an abortion. With a barrage of TV ads funded by Planned Parenthood, and phones messages from Hillary Clinton…

Planned Parenthood enlisted the New York Senator to campaign in California by sending specially recorded messages to over 250,000 Californians advocating a NO vote on Prop 85.

Pre-election polls conducted by Datamar, Inc. showed 46.3 percent of California residents support Prop. 85 while 45.2 percent oppose it. The actual vote: 53 against 46 for Prop 85.

Oregon state had a similar proposition on their ballot and also failed to pass it with 54 percent voting against and 45 percent voting for parental notification.

It’s beyond comprehension that voters in California and Oregon would reject allowing parents of teenage girls at least to be notified before their daughter has an abortion.

According to YesonProposition85, Planned Parenthood budgeted as much as $4.8 million for their television ad campaign against Prop 85 and amassed over $15.6 million to defeat the Parents’ Right to Know and Child Protection Initiative.

Click on picture above to view video about Diana Lopez, a mother who was rejected from seeing her daughter at a Planned Parenthood facility.


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