Thursday, November 16, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! - Green Take-Over of City Councils?

Here in SF Bay area a Green Party candidate who had no name recognition, the least money and a grassroots campaign led fellow environmentalists Gayle McLaughlin surprised everyone with her lead in the race for Mayor of Richmond City Council. Her previous political experience consisted of picketing Chevron. Nov. 7th she became one of the first Green Party members ever to win a seat on a city council in Contra Costa County. "I will be but one voice, but I'm part of a much larger movement," said McLaughlin. "I will continue to take a stand whether Chevron likes it or not.

Here's just a few Greens who won City Council seats on Nov. 7th:

Mike Beilstein

George Grosch

Alice Hardesty

Eric Navickas

Kevin Donoghue

David Marshall

Gayle McLaughlin
California – Richmond

Lynda Deschambault
California - Moraga
Larry Robinson
California - Sebastopol

Lauren Sinott
California - Mendocino

Dona Spring
California - Berkeley

Leroy Schafer

Bob Jacobson

Matt Keefauver

Several others in Minneapolis, including Young who won a fifth term (third as a Green), and Cam Gordon who ran on the Green commitment to what she calls the "three E's: environment, economics and social equity, the three legs of the stool called sustainability." She said, "I also won as a complete and total Green; everyone knows it and knew it. I am a founding member of the state party, former state chair (as recent as 2002) and founding chair of the local Minneapolis/Fifth District Green Party. I ran with the Green principles front and center."

And Greens won not just city council seats but also positions on...

Board of Supervisors
School Board
City Commissions
Neighborhood councils
County Commissioner
Fire District

In Maryland at a Unity Convention at University of Baltimore, Green, Libertarian and Populist Parties joined forces to back Kevin Zeese for U.S. Senate

In Seattle Aaron Dixon, a community activist and former Black Panther ran as Green for U.S. Senate from the state of Washington

And Michael Berg, whose son Nick was beheaded in Iraq, ran as Green Party candidate for U.S. House seat in Delaware.

Will continue to follow this green grassroots movement. Please help raise awareness on's not going away.

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