Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"What Does Hillary Think?" About Abortion

"What does Hillary think?" These are the words in 1993 of then President Bill Clinton, regarding abortion legislation, as recently disclosed papers by Judicial Watch show. Her strong pro-choice position shaped the Clinton administration's policy on this issue. Has she changed her position?

LifeNews.com reports: "The Clinton Archives contains a May 1993 memo from Domestic Policy Council staffer Bill Galston to President Bill Clinton, which includes a two-page discussion of the Hyde Amendment, weighing legislative tactics, public opinion and political strategy. It ends with President Bill Clinton’s handwritten question, “What does Hillary think?” next to the “decision” section of the memo."

Many papers were obtained that show former First Lady, now Senator Hillary Clinton, was instrumental in decisions made on the abortion issue, including a strong pro-federal funding of abortion. Judicial Watch released the papers as Hillary is increasingly minimizing her strong pro-choice stance in public speeches as a possible 2008 presidential candidate.

But, has she changed her position? Well, here in California she helped Planned Parenthood with taped phone messages sent to more than 250,000 households during the November elections advocating a 'No' vote on Prop 85, the parental notification ballot proposition. Her phone message? An echo of the abortion businesses talking points against the measure:

"We are opposed because 85 will put our most vulnerable teens at risk — teens who may already be endangered by negligent or even abusive homes. We can do better. Let's work together to protect all our children."

Although Hillary Clinton has tried to change her public image on abortion, her true position, particularly on the issues of Prop 85, puts her at odds with about 70 percent of the American public.

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