Wednesday, January 10, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! New Congress First '100 Hours' - Embryonic Stem Cell

TODAY'S SHOW: Jennifer Lahl, Director of the Center for Bioethics and Culture talked with me about the facts on adult stem cell and embryonic stem cell research, which the U.S. Congress will take up this week on Thurs. the llth.

Here are some quick links on the subject:

Jennifer Lahl - articles on Bioethics

The Center for Bioethics & Culture

Claims that majority of Americans want Stem Cell Action in New Congress

Pelosi ‘holds out hope’ for Cures to Diseases

New Debate on using embryonic stem cells

2007 Bioethic ‘Predictions’ – Wesley J. Smith

President Bush’ speech on Stem Cell Research

Hear the show (See 1/10/07)


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