Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Media to Watch & to Contact

The media is one of the most powerful forces in a free society. However, far too often it gets away with biased reporting because readers do not call them on the carpet. If we don’t do it, who will?

Why not make it a point to contact the media on the issues both as letters to the editor and to hold them accountable whenever you read a biasd slant.

To help with this Capitol Advantage has a Media Guide that you can use to find and contact national and local media including:

Local Media – via ZIP Code Search

Individual Search - Editors, Reporters & Producers

Organization Search - Newspapers, TV, radio, etc

Is the mainstream media really liberal? As AIM (Accuracy in Media) points out, “According to The American Society of Newspaper Editors a 1999 study showed 78% of Americans said there is a news bias in the media…The public seems to be correct. According to another poll from the PEW Research Center conducted by the Princeton Review Research Associates in 2004, "about a third of national journalists (34%) and 23 % of local journalists describe themselves as liberals." A mere 7% of journalists described themselves as conservative.”

In addition to Accuracy in Media I also recommend NewsBusters and The Media Research Center as reliable resources for accurate information on the liberal reporting of the mainstream media.


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