Tuesday, February 06, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Monday - If We Don't Win

Ted Kennedy said the 'surge' "defies public opinion, defies the bi-partisan Congress, defies the Generals."

Sorry, nice try, but not true. The latest FOX News poll showed that overall 63% of Americans want the President's new plan to work, including 51% of Democrats.

Defies the Generals? Well not the one that Congress just approved, General Petrais.

The Democrats just want to pull the troops now, period. Even those who said they don't want a time-table for withdrawl, have a time-table for withdrawl! ie Hillary Clinton who just said if the war isn't ended by 2009 (when she's elected) she'll end the war.

How come these folks don't get that the obvious consequences of us not winning will be that Iran takes over Iraq and Sharia law takes over the whole region?

Ahmadinejad said he can put 40,000 suicide bombers in the region; wants Israel wiped off the map; wants America brought down.

I don't get why liberals don't get it! They are blind.

Hear the show (See 2/5/07)


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