Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pfc. Joshua Sparling - The Abuse Continues - Spit on at Anti-War Protest

We reported a year ago that the 'death wish' on Pfc. Joshua Sparling didn't work.

That 'death wish' came at Christmas time while Joshua was hospitalized at Walter Reed Hospital for injuries received while fighting in Iraq.

It said...

"Have a great time in the war and have a great time dieing [sic] in the war

Meet the sender

Well Joshua, who lost his leg as a result of his injuries, was on Hannity & Colmes last week telling of the anti-war protesters in Washington DC the weekend before...who spit on him, flicked cigarette butts and made hand 'gestures' at him while he was peacefully protesting the protest, holding an American flag, wearing his Airbourne sweater.

What is the matter with these people? Spitting on and treating our soldiers this way! Those who do such things know nothing of peace, let alone respect, and just plain kindness.

Liberals continually lament that the war in Iraq is another Vietnam. The only thing about the Iraq war that is like the Vietnam war...are the anti-war protesters.

This is reprehensible!!

Thank you, Pfc. Joshua Sparling, you are one of our finest!


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