Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! The Coming North American Union

We aired a talk Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Eagle Forum, gave on the NAU (North American Union), at the California Eagle Forum annual conference.

While some politicians and pundits shrug off concerns of a coming North American Union, Phyllis gave the facts about the NAU and the unreported, behind the scenes, but documented meetings and plans of the three heads of state of Mexico, Canada and the United States.

It's unbelievable what's happening. If you are unaware of the NAU ere are some of the links we have in our Issues Library from the show on it:

Video: Recent North American Summit

Plans for Economic Integration

Bush Opens Our Border To Mexican Trucks

China Wins NAFTA Super-Highway Battle

The NAFTA Super Highway

North American Union leader says merger just crisis away

CNN Video: Lou Dobbs Slams CFR & North American Union

Hear the show (See 8/27/07)


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