Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Part 2 Taliban to Release So. Korean Hostages

In this photo released from Sammul Church via Yonhap Saturday, July 21, 2007, the group of South Korean Christians pose for a memorial photo before leaving for Afghanistan Friday, July 13, 2007


Relatives of South Koreans kidnapped in Afghanistan cheer as they watch a news report on TV in Sungnam, south of Seoul, South Korea

The Taliban agreed yesterday to release the remaining 19 South Korean hostages who have been held hostage for six weeks after So. Korea agreed to withdraw its troops by this year's end and to prevent Christian missionaries from working in Afghanistan. (Isn't that what it's really all about?)

Relatives of South Koreans kidnapped in Afghanistan react as they watch a news report in Seoul, South Korea

The militants evidently backed down their demands for a prisoner exchange. However, pundits say that the Taliban, which killed two of the South Korean hostages last month, could emerge with with enhanced political legitimacy because they successfully negotiated with a foreign government.

As you recall the Taliban kidnapped 23 Koreans as they traveled by bus from Kabul to Kandahar on July 19. They killed two male hostages end of July and freed two ill female captives a couple of weeks ago.

A Taliban spokesman said that the South Koreans would be freed "in the coming days" and that "tribal elders would act as go-betweens."

It's so good to hear this news. But please don't stop praying for the hostages until they are indeed released and free. And it will take a long time for them to recover from this horrific ordeal.

Is there any question in your mind what kind of mentality we are up against in the war on stop the aggression and success of terrorists? Politicizing the war in Iraq only hinders our success in stopping it!

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