Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Sex Play' in Daycare Schools

Okay, hold your seats for this one...

As Aftenposten reports:

A specialist in early childhood education in Oslo is giving new meaning to the term "sexual games." Norwegians woke up last Tuesday morning to news that a respected Oslo pre-school teacher, backed by child psychologists, thinks children should be allowed to openly express their own sexuality through sex play and games in the local day care centers. The vast majority of Norwegians send their children from the age of one to the kindergartens, where they spend their days until they begin school at age six.

Pia Friis told newspapers on Tuesday that children should be allowed to express their own sexuality at day care centers. She said she doesn't want to stifle what comes naturally, that children should be able "to look at each other and examine each other's bodies. They can play doctor, play mother and father, dance naked and…masturbate." (This is daycare, folks!)

"But their sexuality must also be socialized, so they are not, for example, allowed to masturbate while sitting and eating. Nor can they be allowed to pressure other children into doing things they don't want to." Friis said there's a lot of uncertainty around how day care center employees should handle children's sexuality.

And their reasoning for all this? -- "Children must learn about sexuality, otherwise things can go very wrong. Children can't object to something they don't know about, and children can more easily and readily report assaults if they already are aware of their own sexuality."

Family therapist Jesper Juul who writes a popular weekly magazine column agrees that children’s sexuality shouldn’t be stifled, but conceded that "many are disturbed by children's sexuality, but I think it's important to put it on the agenda. That, in fact, is what we're doing."

While Norwegians are known for being liberal and tolerant, the issue already has sparked heated debate on radio programs and in online opinion forums. And some politicians are outraged at these, can I say it...asinine views!

America, we better watch out! Our kids could be next if we are asleep at this switch.

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