Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On Today's Show: WRAP & Pornography Awareness Week

Today for White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) and Anti-Porn Week (beginning Oct. 28, 2007) we talked about the real victims of pornography, those who argue that pornography is harmless, healthy and 'good for America,' and who cry censorship in the face of enforcing obsenity laws.

Morality in Media (MIM) is sponsoring its (WRAP) Campaign, and Robert Peters, president of MIM, recalled that in 1993-1994, Bill Clinton, appointed Janet Reno as Attorney General, and the Justice Department’s enforcement of anti-pornography laws came to a virtual halt.

Among suggested activities for everyone to get involved with MIM includes: Invite someone to speak against pornography at your church or civic group; hold a rally in your city or at your state capitol; write a letter or talk to your local, state and federal elected representatives, bureaucrats, police, prosecutors, and judges.

Men are key in turning the tide against pornography on TV, the Internet, in print. The more men get in the fight on this, the better our families and communities will become.

Something new, the ROME Project, will launch soon to encourage men to reject pornography in all its venues:

O-obscenity by

See more...

Report Porn Spam

Internet Watch Foundation

Be Web Aware

Documented Effects of Porn

Effects of Porn on children, families

And if you missed the show you can hear it online here...

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