Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Yusuf Bey's "Your Black Muslim Bakery"

The late owner of Your Black Muslim Bakery, Yusuf Bey, wielded real power with local politicians and police in Oakland, California, some even funded his empire.

The recent death of Chauncy Bailey, the reporter who was doing investigative work on the Bakery has sparked a series of articles in the SF Chronicle.

When Nation of Islam leader, Elijah Muhammad died in 1975, members in California continued under one of their alternative names - the Black Muslims, led by Yusuf Bey.

Here are some links with further information on this story that several have asked for:

Yusuf Bey Arrested

Oakland Officials Funded Black Muslim Empire

Video - Yusef Bey sermons

Yusuf Bey and Louis Farrakhan


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