Tuesday, February 12, 2008

HOT OFF THE SHOW! 'Darwin Day' in our Schools

Yesterday on February 12, Darwin's birthday, public schools will celebrate 'Darwin Day'and, of course, the message that Darwin’s explanation of how man got here, the theory of evolution, is a "fact." International in scope, and not just for schools, but civic organizations, museums and the like, 'Darwin Day' raises many issues:

Should evolution be taught as fact?

Should schools teach Creationism as well?

Is there an agenda behind pushing for Darwin Day?

Should we have an 'Einstein Day' or 'Isaac Newton Day' or an Intelligent Designer Day now?

Richard Dawkins, a member of the board of Darwin Day Celebration, a devotee of Charles Darwin, an atheist and the author of The God Delusion, said that everyone believed in evolution except "the ignorant, stupid or wicked."

It's not just Darwin's followers who are advocates of evolution, but the mainstream media helps their cause, such as MSNBC did with a whole series on where the human species is headed in Human Evolution at the Crossroads which discusses some far out ideas as 'Unihumans'.

And as I've mentioned before, there are some who believe in 'intelligent design,' but not by a Creator. They believe an alien life force is a possible option for explaining creation, and they are serious. Many may be surprised to know that Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner and one of the discoverers of the DNA, believes that life forms were sent to earth in a space ship by a dying civilization. As a matter of fact, both discoverers of the DNA, Watson and Crick, are outspoken atheists.

This, of course, begs the following Questions:

1) Why would scientists not welcome the search for evidence in regards to the possibility of Intelligent Design when it is the very (purported) nature of science to explore all possibilities?

2) Is science broad enough to allow for theories of human origins which incorporate the acts of an intelligent Designer?

3) And is the teaching of the theory of Intelligent Design appropriate in public education, using scientific evidence, the same that is claimed to be used in teaching Darwinism?

Hear interview with author of Quest for Right, David Parsons, online now (See 2/11/08)


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