Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday - Super Delegates

The numbers are all still coming in from Super Tuesday, but it looks pretty solid that Senators Clinton and McCain are the winners.

California absentee ballots will still have to be counted even after the regular votes are in. Most of the 24 states which held primaries and caucuses are approaching 100% counted. And we'll see the final-final come morning.

We've heard alot about the Super Delegates during this election - which are in the Democrat party only. They are 800 party faithfuls, Govenors and even members of Congress. As a matter of fact 275 of the 800 are members of Congress, many of which are still uncommitted as to who they will vote for at the Democrat Convention, such as California's Barbara Boxer.

Basically, what this means is that Congress will have its own 'campaigning' going on especially with both Democrat candidates members of the Senate.

Wonder just how much wining and dining will be going on to gain the votes of the Super Delegates in and out of Congress? When Ted Kennedy says he supports Obama, that means working for him to gain these Super Delegate votes in the Senate to be sure. And likewise others doing the same for Clinton.

In order to win the Democratic nomination, a candidate needs 2,026 delegates out of a total of 4,050. These 800 Super Delegates can make a difference, especially with the neck and neck race Obama and Clinton are running.

Currently, Hillary Clinton leads in the Super Delegate count.

Republicans don't have Super Delegates.


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