Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alan Keyes to Announce Leaving the GOP

The former Assistant Secretary of State under President Reagan and U. S. Ambassador, Alan Keyes will announce tomorrow, April 15, 2008, his intentions of joining a third Party following indications he has broken with the GOP.

Keyes cites "the party's failure to match conservative rhetoric with actual performance in the political arena," saying he will reveal his reasons for departing from the GOP during a news conference scheduled for 8:30 pm ET, at the Best Western Genetti Inn in Hazleton, PA. The event will be video-streamed live at Keyes' website, http://www.alankeyes.com/

Keyes said he is looking to the Constitution Party as a possible home for his future efforts in politics, including a run for president in the 2008 general election.
"I believe people deserve a choice. They certainly deserve a conservative choice — something neither John McCain, Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama can offer voters. All they can offer is empty promises based on liberal track records."

Keyes said, "No other 'third party' is as well-established as the Constitution Party. They've been around since 1992, and have built a significant grassroots presence among patriotic, Constitution-minded citizens — with a registered membership of over 350,000. Conservatives have a home in the CP that they can find nowhere else, given the decline in the Republican Party's credibility as a voice and vehicle for conservatism."


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