Monday, June 01, 2009

Abortion Doctor's Murderer "Mentally Ill"

In a statement issued on Monday to The Topeka Capital-Journal, Mr. Roeder's brother, David, said the suspect had "suffered from mental illness at various times in his life," the newspaper reported.

"We are shocked, horrified and filled with sadness at the death of Dr. Tiller and the circumstances surrounding it that may have involved Scott Roeder," the statement read. "We know Scott as a kind and loving son, brother and father who suffered from mental illness at various times in his life. However, none of us ever saw Scott as a person capable of or willing to take another person's life. Our deepest regrets, prayers and sympathy go out to the Tiller family during this terrible time."

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We talked about this story on today's show and some of the horrific things nurses report go on in hospitals where abortions are performed.

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