Friday, July 03, 2009

June: Highest Job Loss Yet

June saw the highest job loss in U.S. since 1983. For the 2nd quarter of 2009 job losses averaged 463,000 a month. Last month jobs lost totaled 467,000. (keep in mind these are only those that were reported from those seeking gov't unemployment assistance).

One 'solution' the Obama administration touts is 'green jobs', but as pointed out below...we need to look at the outcomes in countries already trying them...

WORLDNETDAILY -- "The High Cost of 'green jobs'" -- President Obama's administration is spending massive amounts of taxpayer money on subsidizing the new jobs with the assumption they will more than replace employment sure to be eliminated by carbon taxes, cap-and-trade legislation and other limits on traditional industry. But Washington might want to examine an ominous warning from Spain, an early pioneer in pursuing the theory of "green jobs." According to economics professor Gabriel Calzada of King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, the Spanish government's renewable energy initiatives have destroyed 2.2 jobs for every new "green" job created.

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