Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Obama Supports Honduran Zelaya Over the People

I have a vested interest in this...our youngest son is from Honduras, we adopted him when he was five years old.

Here's what happened:

Honduran president Manuel Zelaya tried to change his country's laws, like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuala, to create a dictatorship, which sparked a military coupe. Zelaya tried to oust the Constitution of Honduras, and run for a second term. The Constitution of Honduras calls for those that attempt to change the term limit stipulation to be removed from public office and prohibited from running again. The Honduran people are standing with the coup. Major protests are taking place in the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. In the meantime president Obama has come out against the coup standing with Zelaya in a statement he made regarding the situation.

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The UN and 'international community' are standing with Zelaya.

Rush Limbaugh warns Obama may be pushing for a third term himself.

see that story here.

I will talk more about this on the show today; as part of interview with former revolutionary socialist, now conservative activist, Steve Beren.

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You can hear today's show online this afternoon here (See 7/1/09)

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