Thursday, September 24, 2009

Democrats Use Stealth Tactics on Healthcare Bill

by Rep. Ernest Istook

They still don’t listen.

Citizens cried out this summer for Congress to “read the bills” and understand the consequences of healthcare legislation before deciding and voting.

But senators are refusing not only to read the details, but even to put them in writing before a committee vote. Leaders in Congress are trying to fast-track healthcare “reform” while slow-tracking the details. And the Obama administration is trying to silence those who dare to criticize and oppose its plans.

It’s part of an unhealthy pattern of stealth tactics, made worse by the push to rush things faster than public awareness can catch up.

Those pushing must have seen the recent Washington Post poll showing 54 percent of Americans agree that, “The more I hear about the healthcare plan, the less I like it.” The obvious conclusion is that backers fear an informed public, lest support will sink faster and farther.

Given the opportunity to inform the public about the fine print of Finance Committee deliberations, senators voted no. The committee rejected this transparency proposal from Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky.

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