Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday GODTALK: Over 350 Public Schools Teaching the Bible

More than 350 schools in 43 states have implemented courses on the Bible for the 2009-2010 academic year, a new report reveals.

Leading the pack is Texas where more than 50 schools are teaching the course this fall, according to data from the Bible Literacy Project, which publishes The Bible and Its Influence, a student textbook designed for public school courses on the Bible.

Right behind Texas, schools in Georgia, California and Indiana are widely teaching lessons on the Bible using the Bible Literacy textbook. More than 10 percent of Georgia public high schools and more than 5 percent of public high schools in Alabama, Indiana and South Carolina are utilizing the program, said Chuck Stetson, chairman of the Bible Literacy Project board.

The Bible and Its Influence – reviewed by 40 religious and legal scholars representing evangelical, mainline Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish communities – is reportedly the first student textbook that fulfills the legal standards of The Bible & Public Schools: A First Amendment Guide.

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