Monday, September 07, 2009

Obama to Speak to Nation's School Children on Tuesday - Some Not Happy, Why?

Parent opposition to Pres. Obama's speech to be given tomorrow to students has forced many Texas school districts to question whether to air it live in classrooms or not.

Why the uproar? Primarily because initially there was curriculum suggested that asked the students on "how they can help the president," and "how does the president inspire us?" And "what does the president want us to do?" Many thought this went beyond inspiring to politicizing. As a result the White House has withdrawn the call for students to 'help the president."

So, will all schools air the speech?

According to the New York Times: "It was unclear how many of America's 50 million schoolchildren would watch. Most of the nation's 15,000 school districts were preparing to show the speech, at noon Eastern time, while making alternative arrangements for students whose parents do not want them to view it.

"Most districts are going to leave this decision up to school principals, and most of the principals will leave it up to teachers," said Bruce Hunter, a director at the American Association of School Administrators.

"In New York, where the first day of school is Wednesday, students who want to watch the speech live will need to take their own initiative by visiting the White House Web site or tuning in to C-Span. Most schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District also resume on Wednesday, but about 90 are already open and the speech will be shown to students who want to watch, officials said.

"More than half of the nation's districts are already in session. In hundreds of other school systems, including Michigan's 600 districts and Virginia's 180 districts, students return to classes on Tuesday. The Loudoun County, Va., district was one where officials decided not to show the speech, arguing that first-day schedules were too busy to accommodate a presidential interruption."

It all gets down to trust. If you trust the president you'll trust him with a speech to your child. If you don't, you won't.

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