Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What a Night at Lynn Woolsey's Townhall Meeting!

The Veterans Hall was packed, and I mean packed! 600 in the main hall, 200 in the overflow and another 300 to 400 in the lobby, halls and outside, according to the police. Cars lined the streets for miles...all to come out either for or against government-run healthcare at tonight's Townhall Meeting with Cong. Lynn Woolsey.

Because of my Press pass I was able to be up front, and from my view of the audience, if clapping is an indication of position, at least 2/3 were for the 'public option,' as Woolsey referred to it every time someone mentioned government-run healthcare.

As the left has criticized opponents to Obama's healthcare reform plan at townhall meetings calling them 'astro-turf," right-wing organized mobs, please note that the following anti-war and other left-wing groups organized to be at the townhall meeting in my town:
Marin Peace and Justice Coalition;
Friends of Palestine
Marin Healthcare for All
Marin Greens
Organizing for America/Obama
Marin Democrats - they really organized!
Progressive Democrats of Sonoma
I saw people with ANSWER t-shirts and more.

The Daily Kos has some of the first responses (from the Left) HERE.

Here's the Marin IJ's article.

Two long lines of questioners went completely outside the auditorium. As a matter of fact there were as many left in line to ask questions or make comments when Woolsey closed the meeting as there were who were able to do so during the two hour townhall.

For those who live outside of the No. Bay Area, Lynn Woolsey is for a single-payer system. And after being asked several times if she would agree to having the same coverage that is being proposed rather than the coverage she enjoys as a Congresswoman, she said she would agree to support an amendment that would give Congress the 'option' to have the 'public option.'

I was able to ask her a few questions back stage during the Press session that were not brought up in the meeting, and we'll air those on tomorrow's show, as well as some of the questions and answers that received cheers and boos, and one of the encounters I had with a proponent. Wait 'til you hear what happened.

I'm glad Woolsey stuck to her commitment to have a Townhall meeting. Regardless of which side you are on, the process is good for engaging civic responsibility, and this topic is certainly doing that!

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Eric Dondero said...

Sharon, thanks for the quick report. I'm linking to your story over at Libertarian Republican blogspot.

kanakarican said...

First of all, great post! I went to this meeting alone and didn't know what to expect. As I read the signs and saw the, "Obama/Biden" buttons, I knew I was out numbered. To my surprise, I was surrounded by those of us who are apposed to the health plan. I listened to some great questions that Lynn Woolsey would not answer and the one's she did answer, she was either reading from a script, or she continually stumbled over her words.

I was the one she pointed out in the crowd and told..."You! Shut up!" ;o) I wear that as a badge of honor.

Although I don't believe she will go back to D.C. informing her colleagues that in a clearly Liberal state, that voices of opposition were loud and many.

Keep up the good work!