Monday, November 23, 2009

1 in 4 People are Disenchanted with...Capitalism

I know Mondays have been our "CZAR Star" of the week show, but when I read the numbers from a new BBC survery that one-fourth of the world is disenchanted with capitalism I knew we needed to hit this one again.

That's 1 out of every 4 people are prey to the claims of socialism, because folks, if it's not capitalism, what's left? Socialism, communism, what else is there?

As Don Hank pointed out in a recent article, "Soon after last year's disastrous bank crash, liberals and RINOs were quick to infer, from evidence to which only they seemed to be privy, that the capitalist system was flawed and needed regulation. Even conservatives seemed confused."

We are going to hit this one again to do our part to defeat the insidious disinformation campaign that is gaining ground here in America and around the world. We must look at what is being touted by the liberal media and politicians that capitalism has failed...and debunk it.

So, we're going to reair my interview with Dr. Jay Richards, a Sr. Fellow of the Discovery Institute and author of "Money, Greed and God" to talk about the claims that capitalism has failed us, and that socialism is a good alternative. If you heard this interview, I encourage you to listen to it again. It is probably one of the most important shows we've done concerning our current economic crisis.

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