Monday, February 08, 2010

He's Back! Van Jones Still Advising the President

Did you see Audi's Green Police AD that ran during the Super Bowl? As Michelle Malkin points out, some thought it was a brilliant satire, others were 'creeped out.'

But, one thing for sure, you won't see the President advertising the fact that Van Jones is still advising the White House, even though his spokesman let it slip out.

WORLDNETDAILY reported that Van Jones, President Obama's former "Green Jobs" CZAR has not remained in the background since stepping down from his White House position after the uproar caused when Americans found out about his radical communist background.
But when White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the president's support for this embattled CZAR, the response was: "He continues to work for the administration."

How? He now serves on the advisory board of an environmental organization actively working with the White House --

the University of Colorado-based Presidential Climate Action Project, or PCAP, which draws up climate-policy recommendations for the White House and has been working with members of the Obama administration.
William S. Becker, the PCAP's executive director, confirmed to WND his group is "about to propose a new and more assertive strategy for President Obama to raise the bar on the U.S. climate goal -- with or without Congress."

We talk about all this and more on today's show, including Van Jones' not only communist background, but his radical environmental spiritual worldview.

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