Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More on Van Jones -- Who loves you, man?

As I am preparing to help moderate the upcoming California Gubernatorial Candidate Forum (see at bottom of page), I couldn't help but think about how one of the candidates running for this seat just loves Van Jones. Guess who it is.

No, not the liberal Democrat, Jerry Brown. But rather the moderate Republican, Meg Whitman. That's right.

We played the audio clip of her comments about Van Jones, Obama's (former) "green jobs czar" and admitted radical communist and a self-described "rowdy black nationalist," on our CZAR Star show this week, but you can see a video clip of here:

As Meg Whitman talks about her cruise with Van Jones -- here's a parody TeamPoizner, one of her opponents, put together of their 'love boat' trip, with Jimmy Carter -- just in time for Valentines Day!

Video Parody Just for Fun

If you are a Californian and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, next Monday, February 15th, you can hear the conservative candidates running for Governor at the meet & greet/forum listed below. It's time for the American people to not only vote, but vet the candidates as well. Here's an opportunity to do just that. Hope to see you there.

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Show on this subject now online, Listen here (See 2/8/10)

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