Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brain Wave Biometrics To Secure Vehicles, Drivers


Here's what may be coming in the arena of biotechnology...

RED ORBIT reported: "Researchers in the field of
biometrics are tapping brain waves to authenticate a driver’s ability be behind the wheel. New research to be published in the International Journal of Biometrics demonstrates how brain waves can be used for vehicles in cases where drivers of vehicles are carrying valuable or sensitive materials.

Using brain waves as opposed to other forms of biometric verification can provide constant authentication, which will halt the vehicle or alert authorities if status changes. The authentication method can work for a number of applications such as for vehicles carrying valuable commodities, money or sensitive materials as well as public transportation vehicles and taxis. Brain waves are also useful to verify sobriety for drivers.

Research from Isao Nakanishi of the Graduate School of Engineering at Tottori University and a number of his colleagues looked into the use of brain waves in such instances. The research explains that conventional biometric systems such as a fingerprint or iris scans are set up for “one-time-only” authentication, as in authentication to allow a driver to start a car. “But if an imposter replaces the authenticated user in a hijacked car, for instance, such systems have no way of verifying that the person currently driving the car is the legitimate driver and that the hijacker hasn’t thrown the owner from the car or tied them up in the boot,” a statement on the research said.

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