Monday, May 15, 2006

President's Speech on Border Control

I really would like to hear from you about what you thought of the President's speech tonight on the illegal immigration/border security issue, rather than write about it. So, please let me hear from you either by email, or taking our poll on the sidebar. In the meantime, here are just a couple of highlights and links:

From President's remarks:
-fradulent ID cards make it difficult for employers
-vast majority of illegals are decent people/are a part of American life, but are beyond the reach of the law
-America can be lawful and welcoming
-must secure our borders, while being open to trade and lawful immigration
-will increase funding for manpower and technolody/by 2008 increase border patrol by 6,000
-immedite step is to use the National Guard - 6,000 for l year to assist the border patrol
-willnot militarize our borders
-Mexico is our friend
-85% of illegals entering U.S. are Mexicans which we send back/'catch & release' into our society other 15% rather than send back to their countries to appear for court date
-walls will not stop illegals/wants a temporary workers program to create a legal path to citizenship
-match willing with willing employers
-will need criminal background check, pay taxes, learn english, work at job for years, then can apploy for citizenship 'at the end of the line' of those already waiting
-hold employers accountable
-new ID card for all workers/biometric fingerprint
-have to face reality millions are already here
-he opposes amnesty
-disagress with deporting all illegals back
-need reasoned and respectful tone; cannot build unity by inciting; every human being has value no matter what citizenship papers say

Other information:
Senate bill re citizenship for illegals - here for
5 years = automatic
2-5 years = on the path
under 2 years = go home

62% of Americans want the borders secured now! Only 38% oppose putting military on the border

Most commentators following the speech say 6,000 National Guard is too small an amount. Rep. Peter King, NY says New York City has 35,000 policemen alone.

Bill O'Reilly says the Senate is afraid of:
-Left-wing press
-Hispanic lobby
-and that big business does not want border security

Greta Van Susteren at the border said:
-the 6,000 would be welcome but are not enough
-that there is nothing to stop anyone from walking across the border

Cong. Tom Tancredo said:
-Do not pass anything that resembles the Senate bill
-the House passes a bill every year, but the Senate votes it down
-that 'to secure the border we need a worker program' is not true

Cong. Peter King from NY said:
-6,000 not enough National Guard, New York City has 35,000 policemen alone

Both agreed to go after the employers/if illegals can't get a job, they'll go home

Michelle Malkin disagreed with Bill O'Reilly on FOX News following the speech. See her commentary here.

UCLA Professor, Raul Hinojosa and VP of National La Raza Cecilia Munoz both spoke favorably of the President's speech being 'comprehensive'

...worrisome that they liked it to say the least...

Hinojosa as written up in Business Week:

A former adviser to President Bill Clinton and an early architect of the North American Development Bank, the principal financing institution for the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA), Hinojosa argues immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries are the threads that inextricably knit the U.S. and its southern neighbors together -- and prop up a labor market desperate for cheap workers.

Indeed, Hinojosa, a fast-talking, pony-tailed graduate of University of Chicago's PhD program, is cashing in on the boom in illegal immigration himself. His startup, No Borders Inc., pedals debit-like cards on which immigrants can store cash, send money home to Mexico, make phone calls, and join medical discount plans

La Raza website

FOX News video/other coverage here.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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