Thursday, January 04, 2007

WOMANTalk Launches new Blog

With all the attention, sincere or not, given to religion and faith by some of the 2008 Presidential candidates, and others who ran in last November's election, we plan to address this issue which I believe is going to be a big factor in the 2008 election. Some have hired 'faith advisors' such as John Kerry and Hillary Clinton to win the votes of evangelicals. How will you be able to tell who is sincere or not? Who is/will be using religion? We need discernment so we won't be fooled by the language that will be used.

We will talk more about this on our Jan. 12th WOMANTalk edition of the show...What's Ahead for 2007, as well as what may be ahead in the Middle East and Globally.

To address this issue more specifically we've launched a new blog, WOMANTalk Mediations, as part of our website E-Zine at to give daily bits of truth and wisdom that will address the complex personal and world issues of today.

We'd love you to make us a part of your morning reads along with your cup or coffee, tea or cocoa.

Please help spread the word about our new site. Thanks!


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